Mission and Vision

Our mission is to teach businesses how to maximize sales, profitability, and branding by providing insights to help you better navigate your customer channels of e-commerce, retailers, warehouse distributor and more.


Trans Western Marketing (TWM) is a manufacturer’s representative that offers keys relationships, knowledge, expertise and education to sell manufacturers' products into different industry customer channels. TWM corporate headquarters are located in Fife, Washington. TWM began as an automotive aftermarket manufacturer representative and became incorporated on December 30, 1999, thereby officially opening its doors to the automotive aftermarket in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

Since its inception, Trans Western Marketing has opened offices in Washington state, Oregon, and Arizona. The Phoenix office is the hub for California and the Southwest territory, which include Nevada, New Mexico, and Western Texas. Our organization constantly works to adapt to the changing environment and needs of our customers and manufacturers. This ability to adapt has led to our expansion into new industries and the proliferation into new channels for our customers and manufacturers. Each team member’s main goal is to provide the highest quality of service, sales, and representation to our manufacturers and customers.


Trans Western Marketing's team is familiar with our customers' terms, systems, and processes. We leverage our extensive knowledge about our different customers to expand your company's reach in different industry channels. As customers grow and change, it is becoming more difficult to reach key decision-makers for help, understand how to use customer systems, and to react to changes. Trans Western Marketing will teach you how to navigate customers and prepare for any changes that affect your business.

If you are not yet selling in the industry channels that you desire, we can get you started. If you’ve already established your business presence in different industry channels and know you need guidance,
Trans Western Marketing can help you:
  •   Increase Sales
  •   Increase profit
  •   Enhance your brand strategy for different industry channels
  •   Draw insights from customers' available data
  •   Negotiate better

By educating our clients and delivering high-level customer service tailored to each business, Trans Western Marketing's vision is for our manufacturers to have a great experience that reaches their desired outcomes.
Bridging knowledge gaps between all customer selling channels and manufacturers is our specialty.

Our Team

Jack D. Ancich


jack jr (1).jpg

Prior to joining Trans Western Marketing in 2008, Jack earned his bachelor's degree in finance and his Master's in Business Administration, both from the University of Arizona. After working in the financial industry as an associate research analyst, he joined TWM. His years of business experience and knowledge have helped to coordinate sales efforts in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Jack also oversees the day to day operation of all divisions. Jack is an active member of the Auto Care Association Manufacturer Rep council as well as the investment committee.

Ken Armbrust

Sales Associate

Ken joined TWM's team in 2006, bringing over 30 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket segment of our industry. He began his sales career in 1976 with McQuay Norris as a district manager in Northern California. In addition, Ken was the Western Regional Sales Manager in 1982 when he left McQuay Norris to take a similar position with KSG Industries. Ken is responsible for Northern California and Nevada. 

Keith Ziegler

Sales Consultant


Prior to joining Trans Western Marketing in 2019, Keith was a founding partner of his agency for the past 31 years.  He brings great knowledge of the Automotive Aftermarket which is transparent in customer relationships, sales efforts, training, and inventory management.  Keith will provide his knowledge and experience in covering sales efforts in the Pacific Northwest marketplace.  When away from work, he likes traveling, spending time with his wife, boys, and taking care of the yard and garden. 

Christelle Elberrt.jpg

Christelle Elbert

Sales Associate

Alexa Dietrich
Office Administrator

Alexa Dietribh_edited.jpg

Alexa joined TWM's team in 2021. She handles many administrative duties in addition to the Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable department. Alexa's focus is to provide a positive service experience for all manufacturers and customers.


Portia Imle

Media Specialist


Trans Western Marketing believes that if it continues to follow its core ideology, only positive things will come from it. TWM has proved that this core ideology is successful based on the recognition that it has received from customers and vendors. Some of the awards that TWM has received over the years include:
• Agency of the Year
• Highest Percentage Sales Increase
• Customer Vendor of the Year
• Most Persistent Agency
• Most New Accounts of the Year
• Manufacturer Representative of the Year
Each of these awards means a great deal to Trans Western Marketing since the highest honor is to be recognized and respected by your peers. The greatest appreciation that TWM can show its customers and vendors is the personal guarantee that it will provide the highest quality of service, sales and distribution.

Myron Burman

Sales Associate

Myron joined TWM in 2002 after working for ArvinMeritor for many years. His responsibilities include warehouse distributors in Washington State, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. Myron's experience and product knowledge have led to successful product training and sales programs. Myron earned his bachelor's degree in Sociology from Jamestown College. He has been recognized as a national salesman of the year by several manufacturers during his career. 

Lisa Vukovich

E-commerce Division

Lisa Image 2.jpg

Since 2011, Lisa has been a key component of TWM's success in providing quality services to our manufacturers and customers. She has enhanced those relationships with her expertise in the field and continued communication with all business relationships. 

Prior to her joining, Christelle Elbert has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, working extensively with many different business channels from retail, e-commerce and wholesale.  At Trans-Western Marketing, she wears several hats with our business relationships and marketing. When she's not in the office, she enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family.

Portia’s educational journey began with the completion of her Marketing Management degree, graduating on the Dean’s List. Shortly after graduation, she moved to the PNW where she continued her education in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. This path has led her to becoming the Marketing & Design professional she is today. As of 2020, Portia manages the creative, media & digital marketing efforts at TWM. She enjoys spending her free time learning new art mediums, especially 3D modeling.