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Unlike any other photography company, Trans Western Marketing is first a manufacturer representative that is dedicated to helping businesses succeed in all customer channels. During our time managing different industry channels, we've noticed that lack of quality product content is one of the biggest weaknesses for all manufactures. This is why we put together a talented group of experts and digital content specialists. Whether you are looking for high quality promotional product videos, white background photography, or refreshing lifestyle images, our dedicated team will provide you with content that sets you up for success.


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Product Photography

Our product photography service creates clear product photos for use on any e-commerce platform. We believe all main images are the secret to your success for product listings and the first impression you give a new customer. A company can spend weeks optimizing product information, but if the main image or images are poor, nobody will entertain purchasing the item.


Trans Western Marketing’s product photography service can help all brands increase product sales and build brand awareness.

DSLR camera
  • White Background Main Images

  • Additional Angles (Front, Back, Top, Bottom, etc.)

  • Text or Graphic Overlays Highlighting Features

  • Hover-to-Zoom Enabled

  • High Resolution

  • Professionally Lit


Lifestyle Photography

person holding DSLR camera

Lifestyle images can include:

  • Model Holding or Wearing Your Product

  • Desired Location to Match Your Product

  • Action Shots of Product Being Used

As a customer shops online, they have no real way of holding your product, or visualizing how the product will look in their home or in any arrangement. In addition to high quality white background photography, best in class vendors will have 3-5 additional images showcasing their products in use or with different angles. Lifestyle photography allows customers to understand the features and benefits of the product as well as how it looks in actual environments. 


Please note, our lifestyle imaging packages can be tailored and can be discounted when bundled with a video. Contact us to get a quote for your project and see how Trans Western Marketing can help boost sales and brand awareness.


Product Videos

Trans Western Marketing's product video service provides you with a quick process to create a product video. Unlike typical product video companies, Trans Western Marketing started offering products on link for manufacturers before branching out to photography. We use our background in e-commerce to create product videos that grow sales and brand awareness.

Product videos created by Trans Western Marketing can feature:

  • High Definition filming of Products in Action

  • People Interacting with Your Product

  • Product Features

  • Set-Up/Instructions

  • Royalty-Free Music

  • Text Overlays Highlighting Features

photograpy studio with lighting

Product Review Videos

Amazon aims to be the most customer-centric business on Earth, which means reviews are important to the ultimate success of a product. During the setup process of a new product, one bad review can stop the growth or ability to sell the product. Having a “verified purchase" customer review video helps build brand trust and communicate the quality of your product to customers.

Camera and video gear

Trans Western Marketing will create "verified purchase" product review videos from the perspective of a customer that shows:

  • Unwrapping and Product Presentation

  • Set up

  • Tips

  • Competition comparisons


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