Industry Channels

Trans Western Marketing services many different industry channels, which are listed below. Please feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in growing your existing business in these channels or want to penetrate into new industry channels.


A dedicated sales associate will work exclusively with each national account and provide retail insight and knowledge to all levels of your organization. Our knowledge and expertise will help you capitalize on growth opportunities and avoid pitfalls while leveraging our team’s understanding to form a strong strategic direction at each account.



Trans Western Marketing’s experts are familiar with all e-commerce customer channels terms, systems, and processes. We leverage our extensive knowledge about e-commerce to expand your company's reach online. As e-commerce companies grow, it is becoming more difficult to reach employees for help, understand how to use systems, and react to changes. Trans Western Marketing will teach you how to navigate e-commerce customers and prepare for any changes that affect your business.


Traditional Distributor

Connected and focused on the traditional aftermarket, Trans Western Marketing sales associates focus on finding innovative ways to grow your market share and penetrate each group program by communicating all initiatives to each member. We understand sales is only one part of the process and the value of field work and training is what drives home the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer. Our sales associates understand each unique market and how to deliver the great results.


Heavy Duty

Trans Western Marketing services aftermarket distributors and fleets, specialty manufacturers and also focuses on OE truck and trailer manufacturers and their dealer network. Our sales associates provide great customer knowledge and understanding on how to drive your business.


Specialty Markets

Trans Western Marketing has recognized a broader scope of growth opportunities for our vendors in the niche markets listed below. These markets will continue to provide sales growth by leveraging our relationships in these industries and expanding your reach beyond existing customer channels:

  • Farm/Agricultural

  • Home Center/Hardware

  • Industrial

  • Medical Professional

  • Performance

  • Sporting Goods

  • Tools & Equipment

  • Value Stores