Manufacturer Representative

With Trans Western Marketing as your full-service manufacturer representative, you will have direct access to our extensive knowledge of different customer channels that we service. Whether you are an established company or are launching your first product, our team will provide a tailored approach to help you drive your business and reach your goals.

Annual Negotiation


Training Staff

Customer Concerns

Price Discrepancies

Product Setup & Monitoring

Cost Increase

Marketing Strategies

Account Setup & Terms

Product Optimization

Field Work

Store Front


Problem Solving

Premium Pages & VINE


Customers tend to want to negotiate enhanced terms on an annual or more frequent basis. Trans Western Marketing will teach you the terms of these negotiations and sources of value available to you. We will put our effort to trying to help make each negotiation a value-adding opportunity instead of an added expense that unnecessarily sacrifices profitability.


Trans Western Marketing reviews and compiles manufacturer-specific data into detailed, actionable reports that can grow your business. When these reports are visited and reviewed on a conference call, the updating of important data points, with communication from the manufacturer, can help spot an opportunity for growth or stop a threat as soon as possible.

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All Types of Services for All Types of Business

Providing more information into your business allows us to provide you with a sales associate with relevant experience.

Manufacturer Representative

We work with your team to create, develop, and put in process a strategy to grow your business. This relationship can cover all industry channels, from traditional distributors to retail and e-commerce. We will assist you with everything from annual negotiations, catalog optimization, disputing chargebacks, promotions, resolving cases, and more.

Project Based Connecting

If you are not ready for a manufacturer representative, but know you have a need for some of the services we offer, we can help you on a per-project basis. Let us know your needs and we can complete projects on a case-by-case basis. Some of the projects that get requested are account audits, product photography, promotion strategy, account setup, product videos, and much more.


Please email us your inquiry and we will schedule a conference call to see how we can help grow your business in existing or new customer channels.